Wedding Cake Auto

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Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds

Type: Autoflowering strain
WEDDING CAKE AUTO: Coated in tasty sugar crystals, like a fine cake, our Super WEDDING CAKE AUTO has a very frosty reputation and a perfect addition to our Autoflowering Cali Collection.

The results of melding Wedding Cake and our BF Super Auto #1, this plant will not disappoint with elevated strength from the skywalker OG traits in our super auto, creating increased resistance to bugs and stress while the root structure bursts in to life from day 1.

For lovers of white strains with crystal covered buds, WEDDING CAKE AUTO is a real treat. Indica dominant 65% studded with bud, this plant has very tight node spacing. Only a few weeks after planting, weighty buds shimmering like jewels in the light, will start to take form.

After only 70-75 days these gleaming grape flavoured gargantuan flowers packed tightly together will be perfectly formed, ready for harvest, at a final height of 90cm, 500 gr/m² is easily achievable, up to 750 gr/m² outdoors.

THC has been tested at 25% with 2.4% CBD. Take care though as overindulgence may send you into an unstoppable berry flavoured voyage of deep relaxation and slumber. Don’t miss out on this historic piece of autoflowering mastery from the Barney’s Farm Lab.

Strain Type Feminized
THC 25%
Flavor Fruity,Summer Berries
Type 65% Indica / 35% Sativa
Flowering 8-9 Weeks
Indoor Yield up to 500 gr/m²
Outdoor Yield up to 750 gr/m
Indoor Height
up to 90cm
Outdoor Height  up to 110cm
Effect Calming, Euphoric
Genetics Wedding Cake x BF Super Auto #1


Is Wedding Cake Auto Indica or Sativa?

The Wedding Cake Auto strain by Barneys Farm is 35% Sativa Seed 65% Indica.

What is the best way to store my Wedding Cake Auto strain seeds?

To properly store Wedding Cake Auto seeds, it is recommended to keep them cool and dark in an airtight container ideally in a refrigerator with proper labeling and dating, avoiding freezing.

What is the best method to germinate Wedding Cake Auto strain seeds?

There are numerous techniques for germinating Wedding Cake Auto cannabis seeds if it is allowed in your location. The paper towel method is a common method in which the Wedding Cake Auto seeds are placed on a damp paper towel and covered with another damp paper towel to keep them moist.

After that, keep the paper towel in a warm, dark spot and check on it every day to ensure that it remains moist. When the Wedding Cake Auto seeds have germinated, gently place them in soil or similar growth media.

Wedding Cake Auto strain cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage, and genetic preservation.

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