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მოხმარების საფასური
101 კვტსთ-ის ჩათვლით
18.041 თეთრი/კვტსთ
101 კვტსთ–დან 301კვტსთ-ის ჩათვლით
22.053 თეთრი/კვტსთ
301 კვტსთ-დან და მეტი
26.537 თეთრი/კვტსთ

ელექტროენერგიის მოქმედი ტარიფი შეგიძლიათ გადაამოწმოთ თელასის ოფიციალურ ვებგვერდზე.

How to use electricity calculator

Instrument will help you quickly and accurately calculate your electricity costs. Our calculator is the perfect way to have more control over your energy consumption and reduce utility bills.

To use the calculator, you'll only need three key parameters:

  • Energy Consumption in watts (W)
  • The number of hours used per day
  • The cost of one kilowatt-hour (kWh) in Georgia (Data is entered already)

After entering this data, the calculator automatically computes the cost of electricity per day, month, and year. This will allow you to analyze which devices consume the most energy and make appropriate changes to improve energy efficiency.

Benefits of our Electricity Calculator

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Accuracy and speed of calculations
  • Accessibility from any device with an internet connection

The calculator is designed for everyone - individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. It is an essential tool for energy management and will help you make informed decisions about energy consumption.

Use our free Electricity Calculator, take control of your energy consumption and save money, with the help of one simple tool.