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Showing 1 - 24 of 445 products
DALI Feminizedკავკასიური კანაფის თესლი
Sale priceFrom 39.00 ₾
DALI Feminized
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Sale price45.00 ₾
Sale price63.00 ₾
Auto Mimosa PunchAuto Mimosa Punch
Sale price76.00 ₾
Auto Mimosa Punch
Family JewelsFamily Jewels
Sale price99.00 ₾
Family Jewels
Sale price35.00 ₾
Desert Eagle Crack Auto
Sale price30.00 ₾
Desert Eagle Crack Auto
Auto Think Big®Auto Think Big®
Sale price45.00 ₾
Auto Think Big®
Sale price79.00 ₾
Sale priceFrom 29.00 ₾
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Los Garlic OG
Sale price35.00 ₾
Los Garlic OG
Green Gelato AutoGreen Gelato Auto
Sale priceFrom 45.00 ₾
Green Gelato Auto
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Cream Cookies AutoCream Cookies Auto
Sale price50.00 ₾
Cream Cookies Auto
Auto Colorado Cookies®Auto Colorado Cookies®
Sale price53.00 ₾
Auto Colorado Cookies®
Tangerine DreamTangerine Dream
Sale price29.00 ₾
Tangerine Dream
AMIRANI FeminizedAMIRANI Feminized
Sale priceFrom 29.00 ₾
AMIRANI Feminized
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Purple Lemonade AutoPurple Lemonade Auto
Sale price50.00 ₾
Purple Lemonade Auto
Auto Duck®Auto Duck®
Sale priceFrom 63.00 ₾
Auto Duck®
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Skunk #11®Skunk #11®
Sale price44.00 ₾
Skunk #11®
Watermelon Zkittlez AutoWatermelon Zkittlez Auto
Sale price34.00 ₾
Watermelon Zkittlez Auto
Tropicana Cookies AutoTropicana Cookies Auto
Sale price50.00 ₾
Tropicana Cookies Auto
Passion #1®Passion #1®
Sale price44.00 ₾
Passion #1®
OMG Kush Fem
Sale priceFrom 25.00 ₾
OMG Kush Fem
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Auto Cinderella Jack®Auto Cinderella Jack®
Sale price63.00 ₾
Auto Cinderella Jack®

FAQ About Cannabis Seeds

Take the marijuana seeds and place them in a seedling with the tip facing down, then place the seedling in a zip-top bag and store in a warm, dark place.

Check the grain every day and have the zip bag open in about 5 minutes.

Germination will take about 3 to 10 days.

After germination, place the seedling (along with the hemp seed) in the soil, after which the growth process will begin.

In Tbilisi, we will deliver your order within 1-3 days, and in the regions within 5 days at most.

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Buying Hemp Seeds In Georgia

"Growgrow" hemp seed store offers a selection in Tbilisi and other locations. Branches are located in several districts of the cities, as well as in Batumi, Kutaisi and Rustavi.

You can buy Georgian marijuana seeds from us. Seeds are decorated with the names of Georgian mythological creatures: Dali, Amirani, Ochopintre, Armazi, Boch, Faskunji, etc.

"Dali" is a cross between Guruli cannabis seeds and Super Lemon Haze. In general, Guria's tropical climate and fertile soil are ideal for rapid plant growth and fertility.

"Amirani" marijuana nuts were created by crossbreeding the Swan strain and the advanced variety of recent years, GORILLA GLUE.

The relief in the alpine and subalpine zones of Svaneti differs sharply from each other. Cold, damp winters are followed by mild, warm summers. Due to its unique properties, strong, stress-resistant varieties of hemp have been growing for centuries in the fertile soil of Svaneti.

"Amiran" is exactly like that. Indica Dominant acting at the speed of light will drown out all your anxieties and renew your zest for life.

Marijuana Seeds In A Wide Variety

Feminized cannabis seeds are also widely available in the GrowGrow. Feminized plane nuts have special properties. Cannabis seeds are genetically engineered and the end result is that the plants are only female. Sex is of great importance in cultivation, as female plants produce resinous buds which are usually consumed.

You will find hemp seeds with high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content in the "GrowGrow" network. THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that is responsible for getting high in users, and THC in general has strong psychoactive effects. The content of hemp seeds can vary depending on genetic factors, growing conditions and cultivation practices.

  • Genetics: The THC content of hemp depends largely on its genetics. Strains such as Ghost Train Haz and Gorilla Glu are known for high THC levels, often exceeding 20%. Breeders have been selectively breeding strains for high potency over the years, and as a result, today we have a wide selection for those looking for a strong effect.
  • Growing Conditions: Environmental factors such as light, temperature, nutrients and humidity play an important role in the development of THC in plants. Optimal growing conditions can increase THC concentration.
  • Harvest Time: Harvest time also affects THC levels. Plants that are harvested when their trichomes are at their peak maturity tend to have higher levels of THC. Trichomes are small, crystal-like structures on buds where cannabinoids such as THC are produced.

If you are an experienced smoker with a high tolerance, or looking for strong strains, Growgrow has a great offer for you. High THC Auto Mix Pack is made just for you. The mix includes hemp seeds that are characterized by high THC.

  • Glue Gelato Auto - Barney's Farm - 22% 
  • Blackberry Auto - FastBuds - 23% 
  • Desert Eagle Crack Auto - Caligen - 25% 
  • Devi Auto - Caucasian Seeds - 23% 
  • Do-Si-Dos Auto - Royal Queen Seeds - 20% 

If you are planning to grow a plant, it is important to determine the desired THC and CBD content. Our representatives will help you and choose the desired option.

So, you can buy hemp seeds in Georgia with the most diverse selection in "GrowGrow". In addition to a large assortment, you will find cheap hemp seeds with us. Also, we often have discounts on various products, and marijuana nuts are no exception.


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