RAW Urban Camo Mini Metal Rolling Tray

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Metallic Tray: RAW is a people's brand that focuses on the quality of every product they produce, from all their cigarette smoking rolling papers to other smoking accessories. This RAW Camouflage Metallic Tray Smoking Accessory is made up of the finest metal, which gives it long durability as good metal stays longer by your side.

Spacious: There are different sizes available of the rolling tray, which are spacious enough for anyone to store all their smoking essentials like Rolling Paper, Cigarette Filters and your favourite herb in one place. One can always pick the size of the metal rolling tray according to their preference.

Easy to Clean: Rolling metal tray is just like your other utensils but to serve a different purpose. These smoking metal rolling tray can be easily washed with vim solution or can be wiped with a dry cloth if it's not that dirty.

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