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Culture: Sow in well-drained soil with a pH above 6.0. After the last frost date, sow seeds directly in garden soil about 5 cm apart, 1.5 cm deep, with 30 cm-55 cm between rows. The optimal soil temperature is 18-21°C. Plant when the average daytime soil temperature is at least 16°C; otherwise, the plant will produce poor fruit.

Harvest: Harvest beans frequently to encourage continued flowering and production.

Diseases and Pests: Control Mexican bean beetles with azadirachtin or pyrethrin. Alternatively, remove and compost bean straw in the fall to accelerate the destruction of most disease organisms. To control Sclerotinia white mold, plant at wide spacing within the row to promote plant leaf development and soil drying. It is desirable to plant next to corn or grain crops.

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