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Pro Organic Bloom - Food additive

This organic, balanced, and effective food additive helps the plant maintain a healthy vegetative growth, flowering, and fruiting processes. 

It actively improves the plant environment microbes that live in harmony with your plant. This ensures the supply of essential nutrients to the bush and creates a healthy environment for it during vegetative growth, flowering, and fruiting. Pro Organic Bloom is ideal for all plant types.


Terra Aquatica Organic fertilizer is highly concentrated: 2mL per liter of water is more than enough for hydroponics or soil. 

Shake before use. Open each part separately in water, mix well, and make sure to drain the meter device before use. 

Please note: Pro Organic (and every other organic feeding) is broken down by microbes to become readily available to plants. For this, it is necessary to add a biofiltration system to the tank, especially at the beginning stages of the growth cycle, which will work 24/24, both in the form of waste outflow and recirculation.

You can purchase the biofiltration systems or DIY a plastic box (3 to 5 liters). A tank filled with 60% Keramsite stone and 40% coir should have a continuous flow of water. Do not allow filter systems to sink to the bottom of the tank, as high oxygen levels are vital for the rapid growth of beneficial microorganisms.

Recommendation :

When used with TrikoLogic or TrikoLogic S: The presence of beneficial microorganisms is vital for organic supplements to work effectively. They provide essential nutrients to plants, protect them and provide many other benefits.

Fertilizer can be used on all types of plants and soils, both in hydroponics and in various soils and outdoor gardening.

Valid for 12 months after opening

*Note: If the plant is grown in filtered water, or in a coco, you may need additional calcium/magnesium. We recommend using Terra Aquatica's Calcium Magnesium supplement.

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