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Three-component Advanced Nutrients fertilizer line pH Perfect Grow, Micro and Bloom.

Thanks to the patented pH Perfect® technology, you no longer need to worry about the right level of acid-base (pH) balance !!!

(If the pH level of the irrigation water is in the range of 4.5 -8.5)

For this technology to work, you must use only fertilizers, additives and boosters manufactured by Advanced Nutrients®!

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect fertilizers, using all three components, allow you to get a delicious, fragrant, sugary and carbonate-rich crop that contains no "chemicals".

Thanks to chelating compounds, Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom, Grow, Micro fertilizers have a great advantage over any fertilizer on the market. Chelating compounds provide plants with the most potent and effective nutrients and components quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Bloom is a potassium phosphate fertilizer that provides good growth and excellent yields.


Mix 4 ml of product in liter water from the sowing stage to the end of the flowering phase.

Attention! Never mix fertilizers, additives and enhancers (boosters) in concentrated form (directly from the bottle). Always add them separately to the water and mix well until the next substance is added !!!

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