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Dry pH Down serves to lower the pH of the nutrient solution. In a dry state, it is completely safe, non-toxic and easy to handle. After dissolving in water, it becomes a powerful pH regulator. At the same time, the plant supplies a certain amount of nutrients for the entire life of the plant - nitrates, phosphates, magnesium, sulfur and microelements for healthy root development, juicy leaves and rich flowers.

Due to its strong concentration and high phosphoric acid content, Dry pH Down can also be used to disinfect and purify growing systems, irrigation systems and substrates.

Using a very low concentration can be used as a leaf spraying after using insecticides. The leaves will be cleaned and the plant will get nutrients.

In most cases, to achieve a pH value of 5-6.

solution: 1 g / 5-6 l of water
leaf spraying: 1 g / 10 l water
cleaning systems, substrates: 1 g / 1 l of water; let it work overnight and then flush well.

Once dried Dry pH Down becomes wet, it becomes strong acid and can cause burns. Handle protective gloves and glasses. In case of skin or eye contact rinse with plenty of water. If swallowed, seek medical advice.

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