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Original Moby Dick Auto is a world-renowned Sativa-dominant giant created from two of the most popular strains ever, the White Widow and Haze cannabis strains which are known for the huge delicious aroma, huge size and yields; It’s an extremely easy-to-grow variety highly recommended for growers of all levels seeking for maximum yields with minimum effort as this strain grows up to 150cm and yields up to 650 g/m2 in 10 weeks without extra maintenance. Thanks to its 23% THC, this marvelous hybrid is all about happiness as it will melt your worries away while boosting your mood, leaving you with a big fat smile on your face and ready to get things done as soon as you take the first hit, making it an excellent choice for social scenarios and busy workdays. The Sativa effect comes hand-in-hand with a mix of lemony, piney, and woody terpenes that translate into that classic aroma every stoner loves.

 Taste Lemon, Pine, Woody
 THC Up to 23%
 CBD < 1%
 Harvest EU Indoor 400 – 650 gr/m2
 Harvest US Indoor 1.3 – 2.1 oz/ft2
 Harvest EU Outdoor 70 – 300 gr/plant
 Harvest US Outdoor 3 – 11 oz/plant
 Size XXL
 Height 90 – 150 cm
 Height US 35 – 59 inches
 Flowering 10 weeks
 Room Indoor/Outdoor
 Gender Feminized
 Genes Sativa 70%/Indica 30%
 Genetics Moby Dick Auto
 Type Autoflowering

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