Melon Gum

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Melon Gum

Melon Gum is the result of the cross between the strains Bubblegum and Lavender. The purpose of crossing these 2 genetics was to obtain a more productive marijuana strain in a short flowering period.

Beneath the aesthetics, the true nature of Melon Gum lurks – all 21% THC of it. With this much, it is indeed a very potent hybrid.

Organoleptic properties

Having such a fragrant and fruity scent can be disarming. The flavors and aroma of Melon Gum are pronounced, with clear hints of melon and strawberry chewing gum.


As the physical effects begin to take over the body, most users feel a warm sensation. Used in moderation, most people also find themselves highly aroused. No doubt, this is one of the rare strains that enhances bedroom activity.

Some reviewers have used this strain to reduce social anxiety while finding that they were also relieved of physical tension. It has also been used to manage pain, inflammation, and low moods. Others have enjoyed creative endeavors while using Melon Gum.

Growing traits

Melon Gum is a quick flowering strain that can produce beautiful hues of blue, red, and black. Its sticky white blobs of resin are indicative of a heavy-yielding strain, whether grown indoors or outdoors.

This hybrid can grow very tall and has low resistance to molds, fungi, and diseases. Hence, it is best suitable for cultivation by growers who already have the basic knowledge and skills.


Bubblegum X Lavender

Photoperiod & Feminized:


Flowering time

50 - 55 days


18 - 21% THC

Terpene profile


Aromatic description

Sweet, berries, melon 

Production details

Indoor: 400-450gr/m2     Outdoor: 500 - 850gr/plant


Creativity, relaxation, tension and anxiety relieve

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