Green Tiger

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Grow a green tiger! This indeterminate, crack-resistant variety produces an abundance of elongated and pointed saladette tomatoes. The uniform, 2” fruits are beautiful to behold: subtly tiger-striped in lime green and yellow, shifting toward peach blush when fully ripe. The well-balanced flavor surprises with notes of pineapple and tropical fruit! This variety was developed by Fred Hemple of Artisan Seeds.

Start seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost, then transplant outdoors to indicated spacing after all threat of frost has passed. All tomatoes benefit from staking; indeterminate varieties require it. Prune tomatoes when they reach about 24" high and are starting to produce small suckers. Keep plants from coming into contact with the soil, and water at the roots as often as possible to prevent the spread of soil borne disease. When fruit begin to become fully ripe, harvest every couple of days for the highest quality fruit. At the end of the season, harvest any fruits that have begun to take on color to ripen indoors.

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