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GORILLA COCO Coco Coir is a premium-quality growing medium made of coconut-husk fibers and dust, providing excellent aeration and drainage, and a high cation exchange capacity. This makes it an ideal substrate for plants of all kinds, offering superior quality and reliable performance.

100% organic, pure, light, and top quality Coco substrate -- the absolute best there is!,

Produces 5% more crop!

Guaranteed no microbes, weed, or pesticides.

GORILLA COCO® is available in 2 formats:

GORILLA COCO PRO MIX® - 100% pure Coco Coir.

GORILLA COCO SUPER MIX® - 75/25 Coco / Perlite mix.

Volume: 10 liters

The ideal fertilizer for Gorilla Coco (or any other coco substrate) is DualPart Coco® two part system.

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