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The extra pure Fulvic bio stimulator (GHE Diamond Nectar) contains very well soluble humates of organic origin, which support plant growth and nutrient efficiency.

Extra pure fulvic acid Terra Aquatica Fulvic

⬤ support rich root development
⬤ plants are generally healthier and more resistant to diseases and pests
⬤ they increase the production of essential oils, flowers and fruits are more fragrant and tastier
⬤ speed up the growing cycle
⬤ the harvest is larger and better
 increases germination of seeds
⬤ universal supplement for growing herbs in soil, coconut, hydroponics

Dosage and use of Terra Aquatica Fulvic

It is used in watering (2-3 ml per 1 liter of water) or as a spray on the leaves (3 ml per 1 liter of water) from the time when the plant already has the first leaves until the beginning of flowering. 100% universal accessory for all growing methods.

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