Calcium Magnesium

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GHE Calcium Magnesium is an essential supplement to all nutrients.

For all cultivation methods: hydroponics and soil

Sufficient availability of calcium and magnesium is essential for optimizing nutrition in fast-growing plants. Helps prevent secondary nutrient deficiencies, promotes growth, fruit formation and prevents end of flower rot GHE Calcium Magnesium provides concentrated calcium and magnesium in a highly available, pure and soluble form that does not salt hydroponic systems. It can be used with most fertilizers. GHE Calcium Magnesium can also help suppress calcium sequestration during growth in a coconut substrate using organic nutrients.


⬤ Standard dosage: 1.5 ml / liter

⬤ Reverse osmosis: 2 ml / liter

Warning: Do not use soft water, FloraCoco® and FloraNova® with GHE fertilizers: these fertilizers already contain enough calcium for use with reverse osmosis.

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