Blue Bullet Automatic

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Blue Bullet Auto is a sativa / indica hybrid. The influence of its parent plants can be seen in the effect, and in the aroma and taste.

Upon consumption, users often comment on the potent effect, which is fairly strong for an automatic strain. It’s relaxing like an indica, but also cerebral and chatty, which is more typical of a sativa.

The scent has echoes of Blueberry, with a hint of fruit and sweetness. There’s also a skunky aroma, which intensifies as the plants mature. These flavours are evident in the taste, which also has a note of citrus.

  • Sativa / indica Hybrid

    The Blue Bullet Automatic is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

  • Average flowering period

    Blue Bullet Automatic will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.

  • Compact plant

    Blue Bullet Automatic will have relatively small height gain during the flowering phase.

  • Large yield

    Blue Bullet Automatic can produce a large yield, without the extra care needed for some of the higher yielding strains

  • Cool /cold

    Blue Bullet Automatic is a tough, early flowering strain suitable to be grown outside in most climates

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