Root Booster

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Root Booster by Terra Aquatica

is a natural root stimulator that supports the formation of a healthy, lush and strong root system and improves nutrient absorption. It contains vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, organic and humic acids that help the plant to create a healthy and energetic root system with rich and rapid development.

It is suitable for seedlings and rooting cuttings. We apply the fertilizer during the vegetation phase of growth and after each transplanting to maintain plant health. THE. Root Booster can be used on all plants, in combination with all nutrients in all substrates and in hydroponics and is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Complementary fertilizer T.A. Root Booster is derived from natural ingredients such as alfalfa flour, brewer's yeast, algae and soy flour.

It can be applied as:

⬤ root dressing (3-5 ml per 1 l of water)
⬤ spraying on leaves (3 ml per 1 l of water

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