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Why should I buy Auto Power Plant feminised seeds?

• Auto Power Plant is a large autoflower with a very heavy yield and high potency, a new autoflower based on one of the legendary 'old-school' cannabis varieties

• It is a vigorous Sativa-dominant autoflower strain with strong branches and heavy flowers. The buds are very sticky and have a high THC content

• Auto Power Plant has a complex and layered terpene profile. The aroma is mainly earthy, spicy and floral. The taste is earthy, sweet and with a spicy pine-like flavor in the background

• If you are a lover of classic Sativas with a big yield and a pleasant and energetic up-high, this autoflower is exactly what you are looking for!

Auto Power Plant has an earthy, spicy and floral terpene profile. This aroma is accompanied by sweet and fruity notes. The taste is mainly earthy, sweet and spicy.

Auto Power Plant has a pungent aroma with largely earthy, spicy and floral notes. This scent is accompanied by more subtle sweet and fruity terpenes that give the buds a very interesting profile. Many smokers also recognise the smell of vanilla and lilac. Overall, a complex and layered terpene profile.

But very recognisable and 'old-school', as you may remember from the original photoperiod Power Plant. Auto Power Plant is very soft to smoke. It is a nice type of weed to roll a thick joint with.

The taste is also mainly earthy and sweet with a spicy, pine-like background taste. She gets frosty flowers that are completely covered with trichomes. These are sticky buds that you have to allow to dry well in order to shred them properly with your grinder!

Auto Power Plant is a legendary autoflower with a heavy XXL yield and high potency

Auto Power Plant produces solid elongated buds that live up to the reputation of the original genetics. Power Plant is a legendary cannabis classic that is known worldwide for her high yields and beautiful long Sativa buds of the highest quality. The autoflower gives the same XXL yield as her photoperiod mother.

Sometimes the buds seem a bit fluffy, but if you crush the flowers in your grinder you will see that a small bud produces a lot of weed. If you are looking for a powerful auto with a big yield and high potential, you have come to the right place with this lady!

What genetics exactly are in Auto Power Plant?

The 90s brought us a lot of good things. Great music, the cannabis seed feminisation technique (invented by us) and a true coffee shop classic: the legendary, high yielding, stunning Power Plant. Even now, this strain can still be found in many Dutch coffee shops. Power Plant is originally from South Africa and is known for its ease of cultivation, large yields, delicious taste and powerful effects.

If you've ever been to a coffee shop in the Netherlands between 1997 and now, chances are you've smoked Power Plant and this strain has made your stay in our country even more enjoyable. Given that Power Plant has been such a success over several decades, it should come as no surprise that we are finally introducing the autoflower seed version of the original 'queen of the Dutch coffee shops'!

Auto Power Plant is a cross between our original photoperiod Power Plant and our legendary Auto Think Different.

Auto Power Plant produces strong plants with good yields and very potent weed

Auto Power Plant is the highly anticipated autoflowering version of the photoperiod Power Plant. Originating in South Africa, this Sativa-dominant strain is truly a world-class top quality product that has dominated the scene for decades. Like Orange Bud, Blueberry and Amnesia, this is a cannabis classic that you should definitely grow (at least) once!

This autoflowering version of Power Plant is also well suited for outdoor growing in areas where photoperiod cannabis plants might normally not finish in time. Choose the sunniest and warmest summer months for best results. Grown indoors in just 12 weeks, she will grow into a large XXL autoflower with long solid buds and will give you the same Power Plant punch as the 90s classic.

Outdoors and in adverse conditions, she may take about 2-3 weeks longer to fully finish flowering. She has a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio and the rich yields mean that this variety is also very popular with commercial growers. Auto Power Plant is a vigorous plant that grows taller than most autoflowers.

It also grows longer and the visible flowering starts later than you may be used to. The first 6-8 weeks (in the most exceptional cases even 9 weeks) you will see little or hardly any development of the flowers. The plant focuses exclusively on the growth phase and does this with many side shoots. Only after the plants are completely filled with white flower hairs does this lady stop growing in height.

If you want to limit her height somewhat, you can keep Auto Power Plant under control with all kinds of growing techniques. You can grow her with the 'main lining' technique or with LST for the first few weeks. This can keep her height under control, ensuring she doesn't grow too tall above the container.

Topping and fimming can also be used to control her height as well as to bend, snap or 'supercrop' the outliers. This lady can also be grown in a SCROG but this is only for the more experienced growers. The buds of the Auto Power Plant grow long with a short internode distance.

The plant structure can best be described as large. The extravagant growth and tall height makes her very suitable for growers looking for a large autoflower.

The genetics used for Power Plant guarantee the following properties:

  • A large autoflower with a very high yield
  • Long, firm buds with a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio
  • A robust autoflower strain that can take a beating, you can use all kinds of growing techniques to control her height

Auto Power Plant is the ideal strain for growers looking for a sturdy autoflower with the same potency, yield and flavour as the original Power Plant.

Effects of Auto Power Plant

Auto Power Plant is a Sativa dominant variety and as a result, the high also has clear Sativa characteristics. The effect is very uplifting and energetic. It gives the user a strong buzz, this 'head-high' is much stronger mentally than physically. It provides an unprecedented state of euphoria and besides giving a strong mental high the effect is calm and pleasant.

It can put you in a focused state of mind where you are able to get more done and complete tasks at breakneck speed. It is an ideal strain for listening to music, gaming or lounging on the couch.

When you consume a larger dose you will notice that the more energetic mellow high transforms into a powerful effect that will make you sit down and enjoy the moment intensely.

She can also provide a real eating kick, so make sure you have plenty of goodies in the house! The energetic vibe of Auto Power Plant makes it the ideal variety for daytime or long evenings.

The flowering time of Auto Power Plant

Auto Power Plant grows into a large autoflower in just 12 weeks with hard, firm buds and a thick sticky resin layer. Her very attractive flower-to-leaf ratio and bountiful yields make her particularly popular with commercial growers. Some phenotypes may take just a little longer.

This is also the case for outdoor cultivation. Here too, an average time of 13-14 weeks from autoflowering cannabis seed to harvest applies. Visible blooms can take a while, so be patient and you will be richly rewarded! The plants average between 75-125cm, but there are phenotypes that can grow even bigger, especially when grown naturally.

However, because of her great stature, very good yields can be achieved. The buds can be as long as your arm and quite heavy. They usually stay upright on their own, but it's best to support them just to be sure. If the buds remain upright, they can ripen even better and become heavier.

The yield of Auto Power Plant

Auto Power Plant didn’t receive an XXL yield for nothing. It is an autoflower with lots of solid buds, the side buds can grow almost as thick and heavy as the main buds of other strains. Single plants can easily yield several hundred grams per plant, even for less experienced growers. It is best to grow her in a large pot, as her long growing time means she needs more root space to reach her full potential.

Grown indoors under the right conditions, this strain can yield between 500-600g/m2. In the hands of an expert, yields in excess of 600+ g/m2 are possible. A single plant grown in a hydro system with powerful LED lights can produce more than half a Kg of dry buds!

Outdoors she can also provide good yields and on average these will be somewhere between 25-250g per plant. This of course strongly depends on the climate and the number of sun hours per day. But also on the size of the pot, the nutrition and care.

Advice from our experts

Auto Power Plant is not a difficult plant to grow. She has a strong tendency to grow in height and will therefore always grow into a relatively large plant with a heavy yield. Due to her vigorous growth she gets many new leaves and growth shoots during the vegetative phase.

It is therefore recommended to defoliate the plants well towards the end of the growth phase. This ensures better airflow through the dense foliage and more light on the lower-lying flowers. This results in thicker buds and a better yield.

Cold winter temperatures can hinder both growth and flowering. Auto Power Plant likes a stable and summery climate. When growing indoors, we recommend keeping the minimum temperature around 20ºC and the maximum temperature preferably between 27-29 degrees. Give this lady enough light, soil, food and love at all times. Only this will give you the epic returns you've always wanted!

Information about Auto Power Plant

This variety is intended for growers looking for a heavy yield of the highest quality. The buds of Auto Power Plant become real monster colas that also become super compact and heavy due to their short internode distance.

And they are bursting with trichomes! The dried flowers taste really excellent. The first hit of your joint, pipe or vaporiser takes you straight back to the era where it all started..

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