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Auto Gagarin from Marley Seedbank

  • THC: 31%
  • Origin: Jamaican, Hawaiian, Afghan
  • Type: 75% Indica / 23% Sativa
  • Height: 90 - 130 cm
  • Flowering: up to 70 days
  • Harvest: up to 500 g/m2

 Auto Gagarin Feminized is a new generation autoflowering hybrid. The point of this new strain was to create something unique, so the breeders crossed most resinous Afghan Indica with Jamaican and Hawaiian Sativa landraces. The resulting strain was then back-crossed with Indica and stabilized. Auto-Fem Gagarin has probably the best quality-and-quantity ratio amongst newly bred strains, and its genetics makes Gagarin a perfect strain for outdoor cultivation. Also, it bursts with abundant bursts with yields in all types of hydroponic setups and totally fits for commercial growing.

Grow peculiarities

In their shape, bushy Gagarin samples resemble Indica, whereas their dark green color and somewhat prolonged leaves make you think of Sativa genes. Gagarin plants have a symmetric structure, their height normally varies from 90 to 130 cm, making this strain medium-height. Gagarin turns to flowering in about 20 days after seedling, and flowering phase takes 65-60 days. At final stages of flowering some leaves change color, turning violet or slightly purple. Gagarin has proven itself a fruitful strain producing 400-500 g/m2 indoors, 500-600 g/m2 outdoors. Much can be done with cannabis training like SCRoG, LST or FIM, sometimes almost doubling harvest rates. Careful use of fertilizers while flowering stage is recommended.

Effect of Auto Gagarin

Auto-Fem Gagarin is a classified medical strain prescribed against insomnia, stress, panic attacks, certain types of pain and inflammation. Marley Seedbank uses exclusively organic substrates and fertilizers for Auto-Fem Gagarin production, that’s why Gagarin seeds are given Organic status as an ecologically pure product. Also, seeds undergo thorough examination before sale. After drying and curing Gagarin buds taste somewhat sweet, reminding of cocoa or chocolate.

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