Tarantula - Advanced Nutrients

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These bacteria form a bioactive shield that prevents destructive microscopic organisms in the assault and killing clones, mature plants and fruits.

This beneficial bacterial shield protects the leaves from attacks of harmful bacteria and fungi that can wipe out your crops. Exclusive beneficial bacteria in tarantulas release natural substances that promote lower shrub-shaped, denser growth, extra flowers and other branching. Its organisms eat waste in the root zone, turning it from harmful substances into nutrients. Tarantula minimaluzuje leaching of nutrients, helps in the cycle and the absorption of nutrients, improves soil structure, dissolves minerals (including phosphorus) for better bioavailability, fights pathogens, stimulates root growth and produces natural growth hormones.Thanks to the optimal dosage of calcium and iron, they guarantee healthy growth and optimal results in the flowering period. You will get stronger roots, rapid growth and high yield.

Tarantula can be used in all hydroponic and aeroponic applications, in drip irrigation systems, NFT, etc., in any soil, regardless of the growing medium.

Dosage and use: 2ml per 1 liter of water-during 1. and 2. week flowering period.

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