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Sensizym by Advanced Nutrients stimulates the decomposition of dead roots and the development of microflora in the root zone.

SensiZym contains nearly 100 different enzymes that immediately start to remove undesirable components of nutrients in the root zone and accelerating the absorption of nutrients such as starches, carbohydrates and other elements necessary for rapid growth. SensiZym helps crops use water and water elements, which increases crop growth and drought resistance. SensiZym accelerates maturation, cell division and harvest time. Increased enzymatic activity means a better and faster harvest.

Tests have shown that SensiZym has up to 300% more bioactive substances than some other products  (measured in units of enzymatic activity), these products contained far lower number of enzymes and a lower production standard.

If you want to reduce the cost of the root zone (rockwool, coconut fiber or other hydromedia), SensiZym spends all dead protein matter (including dead roots) and turns it into nutrients for the next growing and You can use the substrate again and again. 

Sensizym can be used in all hydroponic and aeroponic applications, in drip irrigation systems, NFT, etc., in any soil, regardless of the growing medium. 

Dosage and use:

2 ml per 1 liter of water - during the first 6. weeks of flowering phase.

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