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Silica (silicon) is an absolute cornerstone of Your plants and yet lacking in the vast majority of root zones and fertilizers. Silica becomes part of the cell walls of plants, which determine the strength of Your plants (the stems, leaves, flowers, flower structure, essential oils, trichomes, and metabolism).

Plants that are well armored with the right type of silicate additive will better withstand mold, insects and other problems. Silicon is a builder of trichomes that increase the value of crops that produce more essential oils and terpenoids. Rhino Skin armor plate plants in Your indoor garden against insects, diseases, harsh conditions while increasing the structure, material, nutrition and metabolism that create larger and stronger harvest.

Rhino Skin contains potassium silicate that strengthens plant cell walls so they're sturdier. The guaranteed result is that your plants handle stress, pests, heat and other problems that would otherwise harm your plants and shrink your harvests. Further refinement of Barricade has yielded AN's newest addition to the lineup. Rhino Skin has been improved by increasing the dissolution rate of the silicates previously found in Barricade..

Rhino Skin can be used in all hydroponic and aeroponic applications, in drip irrigation systems, NFT, etc., in any soil, regardless of the growing medium.

Dosage and use: 2 ml per 1 liter of water - during the first 6. weeks of flowering phase.

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