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TriPart Micro - Three-Component Nutrient

The basic fertilizer FloraMicro Hard Water from the three-component TriPart series from Terra Aquatica (formerly GHE) contains no phosphorus, only nitrogen, potassium and many important micro elements in chelated form.

Advantages of growing herbs with the Terra Aquatica TriPart range

⬤ a comprehensive supply of primary, secondary and micro-nutrients for the growth and flowering phases
⬤ concentrated, readily soluble and plant-absorbable fertilizers
⬤ strengthens the natural aroma and taste
⬤ basic nutrition is compatible with growing herbs in soil and inert substrates
 developed by experts, tested by NASA and professional growers
⬤ quick, simple and effective solution in three bottles
⬤ suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation
⬤ optimal pH control of the solution thanks to the FloraMicro hard and soft water variant

Use and dosage of TriPart Gro & Bloom & Micro FloraMicro

All three components FloraGro, FloraBloom, FloraMicro are used simultaneously, starting from the first week. The ratio for mixing with water varies according to the phase and current requirements of the plant. As you can see in the video, we never pour the ingredients into the water at once, but we mix it gradually.

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