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T.A. TriPart Gro is the third of three basic fertilizers, Terra Aquatica Flora, which stimulates structural and vegetative growth by providing plants with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other secondary minerals. It ensures healthy growth of the root system and thus overall healthy plant growth. This liquid growth fertilizer is ideal for hydroponic systems, but is also suitable for growing in other growing media. It is one of the best hydroponic nutrition in the world!

Combine with TriPart Micro and TriPart Bloom to meet the needs of plants in each phase of its life cycle - seeds, vegetative phase, transitional phase, flowering phase and fertile phase. Both TriPart Gro and TriPart Bloom contain silicic acid for complete nutrition and strengthening of plant structure.

Advantages of TriPart Gro:

⬤ contains primary, secondary nutrients and micronutrients - for higher yields and better crop quality
⬤ when grown indoors, it is possible to adjust the mixtures according to the specific needs of the plants
⬤ improves taste, nutrition, aroma and essential oils in cultivated plants
⬤ contains high purity concentrates for maximum solubility
⬤ balanced pH for easy use
⬤ NASA scientists choose the Flora line due to its excellent formulation and reliability
⬤ Known worldwide as the industry standard

The correct ratio of each Flora nutrient depends on the crop and the stage of growth (see label for specific recommendations). Do not add any other nutrients, add only to water.


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