Premium Scrog Net

Size: 40cm-40cm
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  • Sturdy Support: The net trellis creates a sturdy support structure that will effortlessly bear the weight of even the heaviest fruits and flowers.
  • Elastic Trellis: Made of an elastic material. The durable net provides adjustable elastic support.
  • For Grow Tent: Especially suitable for grow tent 4'x4', but will stretch to 5'x5'. You can also fold the trellis and move the hooks to fit 3'x3', 4'x2', or any combination under 4'x4'.
  • Removable Hooks: 4 steel hooks included, they hook horizontally on the corners of the tent poles and can be taken off.
  • Modular Design: 36 growing spaces. Modular design is ideal for grow tents.

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