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The Adjustawing is a new range of Adjustable horizontal reflectors which will revolutionise current horticultural lighting systems. The Adjustawing reflectors are very power efficient & versatile reflectors. They may be adjusted to wide settings & positioned very close to growing plants for maximum LUX transferal (growing power). Alternatively these reflectors may be adjusted to more narrow settings and positioned considerably further away from growing plants to suit the light & heat requirements of more sensitive plants or plant stages.

By attaching the "heat shield" accessory the AdjustaWing can be lowered to an unprecedented 30cm from growing plants to produce awesome growing power. The Adjustawing Pro Alloy is constructed from highly reflective glass coated flexible aluminium and incorporates an open ended double parabolic shape. The Adjustawings simple design allows free airflow around the lamp, minimising heat build-up while maximising light output and lamp longevity.

AJW.A.M. Performance Comparison to Conventional Reflectors

- 95% illumination
- 400 - 600 Watt lamp
- 88% Larger Growing Area
- 44% Saving In Electricity
- 44% Less heat
- Coverage area: up to 2.36m²
- Dimensions:L 55 x W 58-72 x H 20 cm

Scope of supply:
- Reflector
- E40 socket
- Spreader medium

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