Plant Growing Trays with Humidity Domes

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Seed Starter Tray with Humidity Dome

Whether you are sprouting seeds or rooting clones it's a good idea keep them in a place with warm and humid air which will help retain moisture and heat to improve germination of seedlings and clones.

Our Humidity Control Seedling Domes and tray sets are perfectly crafted for 144 cells seedling (48 per tray). Your plants won’t know the stress of being in the changing weather, with more opportunity to thrive and become strong and vibrant. Its compact design makes it easy to place in a tight space. You’ll easily be able to move your collection of seedlings without any hassle.

Includes Durable and reusable plastic growing trays are built to last a lifetime (Note: Cell trays not included) and Professional propagation dome, Quality-made humidity dome for starting seeds or seedlings.


  • ✔ Watertight, hole free for the perfect propagation of plants
  • ✔ Each tray fits for 8* most standard 6 cell trays ( 5.24”* 3.46”)
  • ✔ Great size for easy portable and transport, use with the heat mat(not higher than 122℉) for seed starting
  • ✔ Designed to provide more cubic volume for your growing plants
  • ✔ Constructed from heavy-duty, high-grade clear plastic to maximize light penetration and stand up to repeated use
  • ✔ Temperature and humidity controlled by two adjustable and clear vents
  • ✔ Easy grip handle allows you to take it out without any hassle
  • ✔ The tight seal is formed between the seedling trays and humidity dome to reduce moisture and heat loss!

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