Plastic Fan

Diameter: 100მმ
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  • Material: ABS engineering plastic, not easy to deform, not easy to yellow, high strength, flame retardant, can prevent 90 degrees high temperature
  • High-Quality Enameled Wire: The exhaust fan adopts high-quality copper enameled wire, which is resistant to oxidation and high temperature, prolongs the life of the machine and improves the safety of the motor.
  • Oil-Impregnated Bearings: longer motor life, faster speed, large air volume and low volume
  • Parameters: 4 inch pipe small fan, voltage 220v, power 12w, air volume 130m3/h, noise 34db, take-up size Φ10cm/Φ11cm
  • Installation: brown for fire line, blue for zero line, yellow green for ground, suitable for kitchen, chess room, shop, workshop, basement, warehouse, etc.
 2930 RPM,  240 CFM

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