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For all cultivation methods: hydroponics and soil

This new pH control concept allows you to adjust the pH, especially for fast-growing plants.

As growers, we always have a list of wishes, the fulfillment of which would make our lives easier. At the very top of the list is a pH buffer that would work so well that we could go on a two-week vacation, and when we return, the pH of the nutrient solution would still be the same. The problem is that this can only be achieved when the nutrition is poor, when there are not many activities in solution and when your plants grow at an average rate. If growth is to be rapid and large amounts of ions are removed and all complex interactions in solution occur, such stability is unthinkable. But today we are no longer clueless. Today we can achieve satisfactory stability and at the same time other benefits. A solution with good pH control is one where you adjust the pH only once, when starting the system. We are not saying that we have achieved exactly this, and not in every situation and with every nutrient. But in terms of pH control, which we tested in our greenhouses using pH Down in combination with Flora Series and Mineral Magic, the plants were grown for several weeks without the need for pH adjustment. In some smaller systems, the pH drops slightly, but after adding a small amount, the pH Up rises again to the desired level. In other cases, the pH remains very close to the almost ideal value of 6.0. The ideal pH value is actually the most important thing. A high pH promotes the uptake of cations and a low pH promotes the uptake of anions. In other words, trade-offs need to be made when choosing a pH. A safe condition of 5.5 to 6.5 is usually recommended. We advise to stick to the lower value, ie from 5.5 to 6.2.

pH Up contains silicate

In terms of raising the pH of the solution, this will be especially useful for growers who use osmosis or demineralized water.

This new version contains silicate, which improves the plant's environment. Silicate deficiency can be a limiting factor in hydroponics. This is because it is poorly soluble, which means that it is difficult to put enough into the solution. That is why we add it to our products whenever possible.

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