TOP 3 Caucasian Auto Sativa Strains
The top 3 autoflowering strains to grow indoor, get on your way to grow some incredible nugs!

კანაფის თესლები

Medea Auto

medea კანაფის თესლი

The core of Georgian history and legends, the Kolkheti Valley is known for its humid, subtropical landscapes, wide plains, and swampy soils. With all these characteristics, the local climate creates excellent conditions for agriculture and consequently, for cannabis cultivation.

We have crossed the wild landrace strains that had naturally developed across the Kolkheti valley over millennia, with a true legend that is White Widow and the results were so mesmerizing and brilliant that we had no other choice but to call it the name of the world’s greatest witch, Medea.

The awesome abilities of this powerful woman are fully embodied in the cannabis strain in her name, featuring the highest of sativa characteristics, abundance of harvest, and a truly distinctive psychedelic effect.

Taste the power of magic, from the Caucasian Queen herself— Medea!

Sativa: 70%  
Euphoric, Uplifiting, Creative
Kolkheti Valley x White Widow x Ruderalis

Dali Auto

კანაფის თესლი dali

It’s hard to find a Georgian who hasn’t heard of the legendary cannabis from Guria. The local tropical climate creates brilliant conditions for rapid cultivation, while fertile soil promotes exceptionally high and potent yields.

A worthy partner of such remarkable breeds of Gurian landraces turned out to be none other than Super Lemon Haze, itself known for super fast, powerful and hefty yields. The fusion of the two produced a truly majestic offspring - Dali, which will delight you with intoxicating soil and citrus saturated aromas. It takes just one taste to be a fan for life.

Sativa: 70%  
A very powerful high, fast hitting, long-lasting cerebral high

Guria x SLH x Ruderalis

Paskunji Auto


paskunji კანაფის თესლი

The great mythological gods have been reincarnated in the form of the most supernatural plant in the world. Introducing groundbreaking new hybrid strains of cannabis from the legendary regions of Sakartvelo.The region of Abkhazia bordering on the Black Sea, Georgia (Sakartvelo) has been stabilized and crossed with the powerful strain Green Crack to produce an amazing result you have to try to believe.THC:High Sativa: 80%  



Uplifting, Energetic, Happy, Creative

Abkhazia x Green Crack x Ruderalis


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