RAW Rawsome Complete Gift Box

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Rawsome’s complete gift box is a collection of 12 different products chosen to meet all the relaxation needs of your customers.This gift box comes in a beautiful brown tray with a magnetic lid that ensures the box contents stay secure and it is easy to close.  

The wholesale RAW Rawsome Complete Gift Box 12pcs contents include:

  • One metal tray mix with  dimensions of 27.5 x 17.5cm
  • 1 RAW tin pop
  • Prerolled RAW tips
  • Access black playing cards
  • RAW case tin KS
  • 3 meters of RAW hemp wick
  • Basic 32 KS of organic RAW cones
  • Organic KS of RAW slim papers
  • RAW tray cover small
  • 1 RAW TIPS
  • Classic KS  of slim RAW papers, and
  • Classic  RAW black slim papers

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