Quick One

  • ფასდაკლება
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  • THC 13%
  • სატივა 10%, ინდიკა 60%, რუდერალისი 30%
  • გენეტიკა: Lowryder 1 x Old School Indica
  • მოსავალი გარეთ: 100-150 გრ
  • მოსავალი ბოქსში: 275 - 325 გრ კვადრატულ მეტრზე

Quick One is a fast-growing autoflowering strain. As one of the first autoflowering varieties developed, it was once among the quickest-growing strains on the planet. Offering a mild THC content of 13% and high yield potential, Quick One has more to offer than simply speed.


Deriving from Canadian genetics, Quick One is based on the original autoflowering strain Lowryder. This strain was created by crossing Williams Wonder, Northern Lights, and ruderalis. The ruderalis genetics gave the plant its autoflowering ability, which means it will flower automatically without a change in light schedule. These genetics have given birth to almost all autoflowering strains available today.


RQS Quick One seeds are all feminized and, when planted, will grow into strong female plants that are ready for harvest in around 8 weeks. Some plants may take up to 9 weeks to fully mature, but that’s still pretty quick. Especially when you consider that most photoperiod varieties of cannabis can take 9 weeks just to flower.

Quick One is a small, compact plant. Generally, it will not grow any taller than 50 or 60cm. If grown well, it can yield up to 150g/plant, and some growers have achieved even more. The plants have a fresh, herbal, citrusy aroma. The taste is mild but good, and comes with a pleasant physically stoned effect.