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⬤ Pro Organic Bloom provides plants in the flowering and fruiting stages with all the necessary nutrients. The perfect balance of these nutrients ensures very good flowering and an abundant harvest.

⬤ The goal of BioThrive Bloom is to maximize the production of flowers, fruits and seeds, thus ensuring that your harvest will be heavier, more nutritious and tastier.

⬤ Pro Organic Bloom is suitable for all types of plants in the flowering and fruiting stages.

⬤ It is suitable for hydroponics as well as for substrates.


The Pro Organic range contains substances that satisfy the complex needs of all plants at every stage of growth. It is based on ecological principles that respect the environment and at the same time provide plants with a balanced nutrition.

BioThrive actively improves the root environment by supplying nutrients to microbes that live in harmony with your plants. This ensures the necessary nutrition, which creates healthy growth in terms of vegetation, flowering and procreation. Pro Organic is ideal for any type of plant and can be used together with other products from the General Organics range. Use with all types of garden soil, with pot mixes and other growing media and, of course, in hydroponics!

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