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Pound Town Auto Seeds

Have you heard about Pound Town Auto cannabis seeds? Well, you're in luck because here you can learn about the original variety from Humboldt Seed Company that has captivated the world. With a Sativa dominance and moderate phenotypic variation, this strain is a star in the cannabis world.

To start, Pound Town Auto marijuana seeds can provide an uplifting and euphoric high accompanied by delicious flavors of fuel, caramelized apple, and melon funk.

Moreover, their highly vigorous growth but compact size makes them perfect for discreet cultivation without compromising the yield. Are you ready to experience the magic? Keep reading to learn more about the Pound Town Auto strain.

Type Sativa Dominant (Contains Ruderalis Genetics)

Parentage Magic Melon Auto X Sour Apple Auto

Average THC 20-24%

Flavor / Taste Gas / Fuel, Caramel Apple, Melon Funk

Effect Euphoric And Uplifting

Flowering Time 75-85 Days From Germination

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