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Grow-Micro-Bloom contains the ideal share of the pharmaceutical grade of nutrients... The nutrients that your plants need, at the exact time when they need it and the extraordinary chelators, which do not occur in any other hydroponic fertilizer. Chelators in the Grow-Micro-Bloom přinášeji nutrients into the roots and the cells of plants faster than any other when cultivating fertilizer, in fact, these exclusive chelates are so strongly effective that tests show: they bring in 31% more nutrients into the plant and min. 37 times faster. Plants need nitrogen, calcium and other necessary chelates at an early stage of growth. Grow-Micro-Bloom 3 component fertilizer feeds these nutrients directly and quickly into the roots, leaves, cells and flowers of plants. Your plants grow faster and are ready for harvesting earlier. At the stage of flower Grow-Micro-Bloom uzpůsobíte to fed chelated potassium, phosphorus and other nutrients and thus redouble the size of the fruit and their weight. Grow-Micro-Bloom works better than all other 3 component hydroponic fertilizers. Bloom can be used in all hydroponic and aeroponic applications, in drip irrigation systems, NFT, etc., in any soil, regardless of the growing medium.

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