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FC-E4800 is densely packed with BridgeLux & Samsung chips, giving an average PPFD of 1000umol/m²/s, suitable for personal and commercial veg rooms. Full-spectrum with UV and IR to meet the plant growth needs.

  • Wattage - 480w
  • Personal Cultivation Coverage - 120x120 cm
  • Commercial Cultivation Coverage - 90x90 cm

For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists.

Homogeneous PAR Distribution: 
FC-E4800 LED grow light high-quality US-based BridgeLux lamp beads with a dense layout of them making the light more uniform and penetrates better. It avoids hotspot while achieving an efficiency of 2.8 µmol/j.

Special Combination of Spectra: With the addition of UV and IR to the full spectrum, not only does it provide the light needed for the entire growth cycle of the plants, the UV improves plant yield and the IR makes the plants taste better.

Adjustable Light Bar Design: The spacing between the lights can be adjusted according to the plant needs, more reasonable utilization of light to promote plant growth. The removable design is easier for installation and replacement.

Dimmer Function of Daisy Chain: The dimming function can effectively control the light needed for different growth phases of plants, which is convenient and also does not cause waste of electrical resources. Large area planting can use the daisy chain function to control 30 lights.

Fast Heat Dissipation: The wavy aluminum heat sink and 17mm passive cooling bar generate less heat and reduce electricity costs by 50% over HID/HPS lights!

WATTAGE 480W±5%@100-277V
Core Coverage 90x90 cm
Max Coverage 120x120 cm
PPE 2.8μmol/j
PPF 1331μmol/S
Chip Brand BridgeLux
Spectrum 380-410nm 660-665nm 730-740nm 2800-3000K 4800-5000K
Max Yield 2.5g/W
Voltage AC100-277V
Amps 3.998A@AC120V 1.997A@AC240V 1.749A@AC277V
BTU 1636.8
Certificate ETL,CE,UKCA,RoHS,IP65
Lifespan 50000H
Dimension 864*852*79MM

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