18W - Electromagnetic Air Pump 18W

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Product Description

  • Great output: Pumping 110 liters of air per minute (29 gallons per minute). 12 adjustable air flow outlets are ideal for running several water farms or multiple air stones at one time.
  • Electromagnetic air pump: This pump is plated with high quality ZL 102 aluminum alloy, surface phosphating treatment, which is lightweight, anticorrosive, and excellent in heat radiation.
  • Premium materials: Steel engine cylinder piston is highly wear-resistant and energy-saving; 100% copper outlet nozzle for long-lasting stable oxygen supply; 50 ft standard air tubing is flexible and non-toxic, won't become brittle or crack.
  • Shockproof: Rubber pad on the bottom foot pad, can effectively prevent shock and buffer, and can be fixed by screws. The noise is less than 60 decibels when working.
  • Wide applications: No lubricant design, compressed air is purer. It can easily make fish tank oxygenated and crystal clean, can be widely used to provide oxygen in aquariums, fish farms, and hydroponic systems.


Product Name: ACO-001 oxygen pump
Voltage: 220v
Power: 18W
Air pressure: 0.020MPA
Displacement: 38L / MIN
Outlet diameter: 8mm
Dispenser: 4
Packing size: 180 * 95 * 115mm
Weight: 2.0KG

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