Bloody Skunk Auto®

Number of Seeds: 3+1
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Autoflowering strain. This strain is the result of a cross between our Sweet Skunk Auto® (SWS34) and a selected genetic line of Red Poison Auto® (SWS39) that contributes with the purple flowered feature.

The result is a marvelous and aromatic purple flowered strain featuring a deep Skunk aroma, extremely pleasant and sweet.

The structure of the plant is very similar to the classic Skunk strains, with the shape of a fir and lots of side branches. Large flowers covered with aromatic resin and a huge main cola on top. The flower clusters are very dense and in the course of flowering they get completely covered in resin.


3rd Prize - Indica - II Copa Farallones - Santiago de Cali - Colombia - 2017
2nd Prize - Autoflowering - III Copa Cannábica Expogrow - Irún - 2014

Indoor Yield:350-550 g/m²Outdoor
Yield:35-175 g/plantIndoor/Outdoor
Harvest:8 weeks from germination
Height:60-110 cm
Purple Flower:approx. 95% of the specimens
Effects:Happiness, Stimulating, Psychoactive, Creativity
Taste:Skunk, Sour, Spices, Sweet

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