Auto Big Demon

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Auto Big Demon by Divine Seeds is a perfectly stabilized sample of Chuy Sativa. For centuries Chuy Valley, Kazakhstan has been famous for its vigorous Sativas. To make this variety more massive and to strengthen its effects, we have added Dutch Indica genes, thus creating an intricate mixture which was then refined by means of selection. Along with its unique Central Asian charm, Auto Big Demon is marked with a cerebral potency above average. When presented to Kazakh connoisseurs, Auto Big Demon caused a lot of admiration and amazement: “this is the new face of the weed long known”, said one of the eldest. This exquisite hybrid is a rare find welcome in every collection!


This strain has proven itself easy to handle and recommendable to novice growers. Universal, Auto Big Demon showed exactly the same vivid development both in and out of doors. For most samples 16 litres space was enough to form a sufficiently vast root system. Mid-size plants noticeably gain width at the blooming stage – and that’s when the pungent stench begins! Leaves have a clearly Sativa-influenced shape and preserve their bright green color up to harvest time. Bright orange stamens give the ripening plants an exotic look. Due to their wild parentage, Auto Big Demon bushes hardly ever suffer from molds or insect parasites. Outdoor plants reach harvest point by end September.


Auto Big Demon has a complex versatile flavor with dominance of dank and citric tones. The effect is unusual: wave after wave users sense stoning and cerebral influences taking turns. Just as perfect to relax at night as to smoothen things a little at daytime. Great for outdoor activities, loud parties, dancing nights, even exotic restaurants – although not especially hunger-provoking, Auto Big Demon does make any food taste brighter. Morning smoke can contribute to your vigour, which is exactly why smoking any time near bedtime is probably not the best idea. Cerebral effects are clearly sensed for about 1.5 hours after smoke, followed by 1 hour’s slight stoning.


Origin:Kazakhstan / Afghanistan / Canada
Type:60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Flowering:55 Days
THC:21 - 23%
Harvest:500 - 850 g/m2
Height:120 - 130 cm

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