Afghan Original Fem - Divine seeds

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Afghan Original was developed by crossing several Afghani Indica landraces, so there’s only 100% Afghani cannabis genetics behind it. Potent, sturdy and perfect for novice growers as well as more experienced enthusiasts with bigger demands. A resin production champion it can be conveniently used for hasheesh making! Afghan Original has been probated by hundreds of growers and proven a sturdy, fast growing Indica that yields heavily and can sustain minor mishaps. Afghan Original can be regarded as “the very Afghani cannabis” that any devoted stoner feels obliged to try at least once!


Mostly grown out of doors, but Afghan Original works for indoor growing just as brilliantly. Perfect choice for hydroponic/aeroponic setups, green houses and even balconies! Provide at least 18-20 litres for a full-size root system if using soil or substrate. Feel free to make Afghan Original cannabis bushier by using any training techniques such as LST, FIM or topping, ScroG or SoG, mainlining or supercropping. About 35-50% increase in yielding can be expected after training! Resistant to molds. Insect pests are guarded away with aggressive hashy stench – another superpower of Afghan Original! Sometimes plants need supports further into flowering to stay vertical (weighy colas). Outdoor harvesting time is late September – early October.


This musky smelling flower is a heavy stoner that makes you sit or lie down for 2-3 hours. Stops excessive thinking and helps concentrate or, vice versa, forget your troubles – Afghan Original can take you both ways. Medical application includes fighting nausea, insomnia, muscular hypertension, irritability, chronical and acute pains. Great for recreation, especially solo-style when a moment of peace and quiet is needed. More appropriate for afternoon or night-time consumption.


Flowering:58-62 Days
Harvest:750-1000 g/m2
Height:150 - 190 cm

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