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Sarah's Choice consistently comes out on top of our on-farm taste tests. Its flavor combined with its attractive oval fruits and ideal 3-lb. size, make it the best variety for retail sales. Harvest at full-slip (when a gentle tug removes the fruit from the vine). Bred by Dr. Brent Loy of the University of New Hampshire. Intermediate resistance to Fusarium wilt races 0–2 and powdery mildew.


CULTURE:A light, well-drained soil with a pH of 7.0 and a southern exposure is ideal. Good soil moisture is important in early stages of growth and during pollination when fruits are setting. After this point do not water the last week before fruits are ripe, as overwatering can cause bland fruit.

TRANSPLANTING:Sow indoors in 50-cell plug trays or 2-3" biodegradable pots in late April or one month (no sooner!) before transplanting outdoors. Plant 3 seeds/cell or pot, about 1/4" deep. Keep temperature 80-90°F (27-32°C) until germination. Handle young plants carefully and never let the soil dry out. Grow seedlings at 75°F (24°C). Reduce water and temperature for a week to harden-off seedlings. When the weather is frost-free, warm, and settled, transplant 2-3' apart in rows 6' apart or thin to 1 plant/cell or pot with scissors and transplant 18" apart. Even hardened-off melon seedlings are tender. Do not disturb roots when transplanting, and water thoroughly.

Sow 1-2 weeks after last frost when soil is warm, above 70°F (21°C), 3 seeds every 18", 1/2" deep, thinning to 1 plant/cell or pot.
ROW COVERS:Since melons like consistently warm conditions, plastic mulch and row covers will make for earlier crops and better yields, especially in the North. Remove covers when plants have female flowers (identified by the tiny fruit at base of blossom).

DISEASES:Choose varieties resistant to diseases in your area. Sudden wilt (which is caused by cold weather stress in late summer when plants have a heavy set of ripening melons), can cause plants to wilt almost overnight. Keep plants healthy with good fertility and irrigation to prevent sudden wilt.

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