Onion - Red Marbel

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Beautiful red cipollini reselected by our own Dr. John Navazio. Compared to other Red Marble strains, ours is more uniform with stronger thrips resistance, cleaner skins, and longer storage. Luxuriant, rich red color travels deep into the rings. A good hard storage variety with thin necks. Avg. 1 1/2–3" diameter by 3/4–1" depth. Adaptation: 38–55° latitude. USDA Certified Organic.


CULTURE:Sow in early spring in 2-4" wide bands or single rows 4" apart, about 1/2" between seeds. Cover 1/4- 1/2". Thinning is not necessary. Keep free of weeds. As with all onions, full sun, consistent soil moisture, and a fertile soil with a pH of 6.2-6.8 are preferable.

HARVEST:Pull by the bunch whenever needed. No skin forms until 2-3 months into the season, making mini onions easy to wash and prepare.
ADAPTATION:Mini onions are smaller and earlier to bulb the further north they are grown. Suited to 40° and higher latitudes for pearl and cipollini onions, for small to medium onions at lower latitudes.

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