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It’s time to indulge in the luscious allure of this OG Kush strain, a renowned cannabis strain that boasts a strong genetic pedigree. A tantalizing crossbreed of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush, this strain's complex chemical makeup and distinct terpene profile make it a perennial favorite among cannabis aficionados. The unrivalled strength of our OG Kush strain is simply irresistible, take note of her THC levels that range from 23% to an astonishing 26%. The Indica genetics make it an ideal weed strain for those seeking profound relaxation, pain treatment, and stress alleviation. With robust and long-lasting effects, this remarkable strain is a favorite among seasoned users.

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications

 Chemdawg Strain x Lemon Thai Strain x Hindu Kush
 55 - 65
 3rd-4th week - September
 up to 600-700 gr/m²
 up to 150-200cm
 up to 1500-2000 gr/plant
 Sour, Citrus, Herbal, Skunky, Woody Pine
 Citrus, Sour, Pungent, Skunky, Dank, Earthy
 Cerebral, Happy, Relaxing, Sociable, Uplifting

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