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The used aluminum parts guarantee a good heat transmission of the illuminant. The u-track makes Flexible reflector very solid. The E-40 socket is not only adjustable in the height but also tilt-able. This is a great advantage, especially for heavy illuminants (e.g. energy saving lamps). The reflector-material is, like the common "Adjust-A-Wing Reflector", composed of PVD laminated aluminum with a reflection of 95%.

- The tilt is due to the wing nut exactly adjustable
- Three adjustments for the wing width are possible
- Pointed radius (middle of the fold)
- Improved cooling and stable, symmetric wing form
- Railing with multiple slots for a flexible fixation
- Synchronous bend (symmetrical) of the reflector plates
- Cable guiding is lead from above, the reflector is finally grounded (electrical grounding) and that < 0,1 Ohm
- The heat gets transmitted significantly better
- The middle reflector is exchangeable
- Even light distribution without hotspots
- Solid mounting

Technical data:
- Measurements: 98 x 70cm
- Lighting area approx 3.89m²
- Ideal for 600W and 1000W Bulbs
- Vegagreen PVD with 95% reflection (fine hammered) 220
- PVD laminated (physical vapor deposition)

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