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ROBOX MAGNUM 150, tent for growing plants on an area of ​​2.25 m2. Durable zippers, Premium Mylar foil 97%, load capacity 54kg. Tent size 150x150x220cm.

The large PROBOX MAGNUM 150 tent is suitable for lighting with a higher wattage of 1x 1000W. The main advantages of this box include the reliable Premium Mylar inner reflective foil with 97% reflectivity, durable zippers and high-quality NYLON 600D outer fabrics.

Another advantage that every indoor grower will appreciate is the stronger aluminum construction with a load capacity of 54 kilograms. The box is compatible with most hydroponic systems, only their dimensions decide.

The tent offers a growing area of ​​2.25 square meters. In addition to the front door, there are also two side windows to make this tent easy to use. 8 circular holes, 5 ventilation and 3 for cabling also ensure comfortable cultivation. The Garden Highpro PROBOX MAGNUM 150 growing box allows the use of all types of classic shades.

Of course, it is time-saving and easy assembling and simple handling. Growing box for more than two square meters with dimensions of 150x150x220cm is suitable for all types of plants or smaller shrubs.

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