Size: 240x240x240cm
Გასაყიდი ფასი3,555.00 ₾

გადასახადი შედის



PROBOX BUNKER  - a cost-effective mega-large tent for indoor plant cultivation! The main advantages of this box include a reliable inner reflective foil Premium Mylar with a reflectivity of 97%, durable zippers and high-quality outer fabric NYLON 600D. Another advantage is the lightweight aluminum construction with a load capacity of up to 54 kilograms.

In addition to a pair of front and rear doors, 4 side windows also help to make this tent easy to use. Convenient cultivation is ensured by 16 circular holes, 10 ventilation holes and 6 for cabling.

Taller tent = taller plants and less unnecessary heat inside the box!

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