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The Brookes II

The Brookesare 35w full spectrum led strips are thought to light plants in early stages of vegetative developement, like nurseries, propagators and cuttings. The Brookes LED strips include driver and a plug, and are easy to stick (with double-sided tape) or screw (using the pre-drilled holes).

The Brookes guarantees the needed intensisty for vegetative stage of plants, and a full spectrum of light that will make your seedlings and cuttings grow quicker, and more vigorous.

Benefits of The Brookes for your plants

Increase of effective power thanks to its PPF (photosinthetic photon flux)

Energy savings due its heat sink in aluminium that removes heat produced, and increase the lifespan of LEDs.

Improve of the luminic performance thanks to a much more complete light spectrum compared with fluorescent lights and T5.

Reduction of the space needed for installation (almost nothing).

Long life of compounts thanks to the Samsung LED s with more than 50,000 hours of use.

Includes everything needed to set it up and plug it, without the inconvenients of other led fixtures.

Coverage of The Brookes de Grow The Jungle leds

Every led strip The Brookes is designed to cover a surface of 40x60 cm. If you pretent to cover that same surface in a more intense way the best option is to use The Brookes Duo (80w), that uses 2 strips instead of 1, with a total power of 80 watts, what improves the light production.

Recommended distance between The Brookes and plants

The Brookes is a very efficient led fixture, that produces large amounts of light, so it is recommended to keep a minimum distance between light and plants of at least 30cm.

If your plants are in vegetative stage, our tip is to increase that distance light-canopy to keep a distance of 40 cm (during first days of growing stage it is recommended that plant do not percieve high amounts of light that they won't be able to absorb).

The Brookes II 35w led strips characteristics

Power: 35w.

Spectrum: Full spectrum for grow and bloom.

Power tolerance: 10%.

Intensity: 220-240V

Power factor: >0,95

Frequency 50/60 Hz.

HPS equivalence power: 100w.

Control and diming: Optional.

Chip: Combination of SMD 2835.

Driver: Tridonic/Philips.

Protection: IP20.

Shield material: Aluminium.

Opening angle: 120º.

PAR: 34,5 µmol/s

Size: 560 x 24 x7 mm.

Warranty: 2 years.

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